JK Transport Training pass JAUPT audit visit

JK Transport Training pass JAUPT audit visit with flying colours

JK Transport Training pass JAUPT audit visit with flying colours! On 06/01/2019 the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) came to visit us to carry out a routine audit on our driver CPC training course, Driver Compliance. We are very please to announce we did very well. Big pat on the back to our head trainer Jim Kirwin! Feel free to read the full report below. 

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Executive Summary

In general, the course was delivered in an informative manner by a confident and knowledgeable trainer. Knowledge was shared throughout the observed visit and the trainer was effective his use of questioning techniques. No Action Points or Continuous Improvements were raised.

Auditor Summary

This course visit was delivered to a total of 7 trainees, in a 3rd party venue in Epsom. Although not witnessed, the trainer explained that ID and licence checks were conducted prior to the course commencement. A review of the course attendance registration document highlighted that the information provided an auditable trail and confirmed that the number of trainees listed on the record matched the number of trainees in attendance. A random sample of 2 trainees’ original documents confirmed that their information had been accurately recorded. The number of trainee’s present (7) was within the registered driver / trainer ratio of 20:1, and the witnessed course content was seen to be delivered in accordance with the Approved Course Summary. (ACS). The training room was laid out in a boardroom style, which offered adequate seating and desk space arrangements for trainee’s present and ensured that trainer and training aids were visible to all concerned. It was noted that the presentation slides were legible, and the video clip clearly audible during the observed delivery. There was no evidence of any significant distractions or disruptions during the visit and the venue was seen to offer adequate welfare facilities. Although not witnessed, a review of the presentation slides and discussions with the trainer established that the following elements had been covered during the course introduction: • Health & Safety briefing (covering fire procedures) • An overview of topics and breaks • Information regarding the fair processing and security of personal data • Learning agreement including mobile phone protocols and participation • Aims and objectives of the course • Trainee pre-existing subject knowledge • An icebreaker The learning materials, equipment and learning environment were adequately prepared prior to the auditor arrival. The delivered course content was aligned to the Driver CPC syllabus, and was seen to be suitable and relevant to the LGV trainees in attendance. Training aids included the use of the Operator Compliance Risk Score video clip, which was seen create talking points and be relevant to the subject matter. The trainer was able to deliver information without significant reference to the presentation slides and was able to answer trainee questions throughout the observed delivery. He demonstrated a wealth of industry knowledge which related to the subject matter and used various examples to reinforce learning outcomes. The trainer used mainly open questions that were relevant to the subject matter. These questions were directed to individuals and to the group, which ensured that all the trainees were involved in the knowledge sharing sessions. The observed delivery method and resources included ppt, video and discussions, and were seen to enhance the learning experience of the trainees. The trainer was observed to speak in a clear and confident manner and varied his pitch and tone in order to retain the trainees focus and levels of interest. A feedback form was seen to be available which included the expected elements. The trainer advised that the feedback sheets are issued to the trainees at the end of the course. A sample Certificate of Attendance was not available for inspection. The trainer gave assurance that the trainees received a copy upon course completion.