Operator Licence Compliance Audits

JK Transport can undertake an Operator Licence compliance audit of your operations. We undertake an operator licence compliance audit and a procedures review to prepare a report and action programme for you, detailing any steps required to ensure legal compliance with the requirements of you Operator Licence undertakings.

What does the Operator Licence Compliance Audit service include?

  • Establish current areas covered by your procedures fully reflect current legislation
  • Identify any aspects of the present procedures that need updating
  • Conduct an audit of the company’s compliance with these procedures
  • Produce a report and action plan as a result of the audit

What areas are covered within the audit?

Management of compliance

  • Investigation as to the extent to which the operator licence responsibilities of the management of the location are understood by the relevant managers

Management controls of the operator’s licence

  • Operator’s licence procedures including:
    • arrangements for ensuring compliance with operator licence requirements
    • arrangements for complying with any special undertakings that may apply
    • applying for variations or additions to licences
    • keeping records for operator’s licence purposes

Management of drivers’ hours and records

  • Compliance with the requirements of the Working Time Directive
  • Arrangements for tachograph records analysis including:
    • procedures for following up driver infringements
    • action taken to avoid recurrences of infringements
    • arrangements for training new drivers and refresher training for existing drivers

Vehicle maintenance and inspection arrangements

Routine service inspections, planning and execution including:

  • MOT checks
  • drivers’ daily checks
  • driver defect reporting arrangements including rectification of defects reported

Procedures in the event of a road accident

Driver and management procedures including:

  • action at the scene of an accident
  • reporting procedures
  • accident repairs
  • accident records including:
    • investigations and follow up action in respect of poor driver performance
    • claims against the company
    • prosecutions and summons
    • insurance company details

Arrangements for hiring of vehicles

Management and control including:

  • arranging hire of a vehicle
  • checks on taking delivery of a hired vehicle
  • returning a hired vehicle

Goods vehicles management

  • Driving licences
  • Loading/unloading of vehicles
  • Overloading of vehicles

Offences, investigations and follow up action in respect of:

  • prohibition notices
  • road traffic offences
  • graduated fixed penalties

Other items including:

  • authorised use of vehicles
  • vehicle taxation